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Excavation Toronto

A building cannot be built without a solid foundation – even if the structure itself is crafted by a skilled team, the entire project can be ruined if the foundation isn’t crafted well. Proper excavation and grading is as important to our team as it is to you, and we use our expertise and knowledge in both commercial and residential excavation to ensure the job is done well. Our excavations can include anything from land clearing to finish grading, and we can tackle tough obstacles such as tight spaces and densely populated surroundings. We’ve completed countless clean-up projects, all within budget constraints and within specified time schedules. Another key component to our excavation process is careful disposal practices that take the environment into account. Sustainable business practices are part of our core ideals, and we practice what we preach when completing excavation projects by utilizing environmentally sound disposal methods and techniques.

Start your construction project off on the right foot – hire a dedicated team of professionals who are committed to understanding the ins and outs of your individual project. Join forces with Zetta Construction team, where quality construction is our passion.

Demolition Toronto

Dismantling a structure is not as easy of a task as it might seem. When you have a building or structure that needs to be demolished, there are a myriad of factors to consider, including cost, length of project, disposal, and environmental impact.

The team at Zetta recognize that each site is unique in its needs, and will need to be deconstructed in its own way. We specialize in the deconstruction process, devoting constant study to new techniques and technology that will aid quick and clean deconstructions processes. We utilize advanced techniques to demolish low-rise buildings in the safest ways, all while keeping environmental concerns a top priority. You can feel at ease knowing our crew will remove your structure without damaging surrounding property.

When you need your site to be deconstructed with care and finesse, count on the Zetta Construction team to step up to the task.

Basement Lowering Toronto

Basements can be the bane of the best-looking house: many basements are cramped, damp, and uncomfortable, causing homeowners to shy away from even letting guests near the area. With a basement lowering, you can start committing to revitalization and restructuring of your house’s least attractive area. We’ve lowered countless basements, and turned that “useless” space into a whole new room for people across Ontario.

Having your basement lowered can add value to your home, and provide you with a new and comfortable living space without needing to add any additions to the house. Basement lowering is the ultimate embodiment of “waste note, want not” – you’ll be taking an already existing room in your home and giving it value, rather than expanding your home and taking up additional space and resources. Our team at Zetta Construction will work with the unique qualities of your basement, to ensure we pattern your basement lowering construction process to your individual needs and requirements.

Don’t let your basement be an eye-sore – increase your functional living space and add value to your home by having your basement lowered today.

Shoring Toronto

Any construction team must be mindful to the area and earth surrounding the project site – this is why shoring, or earth retention, is such a key part of any construction project. Shoring is the process by which earth around a construction site is maintained and held in place, to ensure the safety of the site and the construction workers present. Likewise, shoring protects the environment around a construction site, ensuring that buildings, plants, and more all maintain their position despite the construction process going on nearby.

Ontario’s building codes now require shoring to be done at any excavation sites that dig deeper than 4′ in depth. It’s crucial that your construction project not harm surrounding land, houses, or trees, and this is why our team works hard to drill consciously and skillfully. Know that we have the years of experience and dearth of knowledge that it takes to commit to proper shoring techniques and practices.

Underpinning Toronto

One of the most common methods of basement lowering is known as underpinning. Underpinning utilizes space from the best area available to you, by digging deeper in to the ground and adding additional wall space to your pre-existing basement structure. Upon completion of this project, your basement will be a functional, beautiful space, ready to be utilized as effectively as any other room in your home.

Underpinning is a complicated process, and requires extensive work and planning, and yet it is the most effective way to expand your basement and provide additional space, both floor space and room height. Additionally, this sort of basement project will include waterproofing, to ensure that your new basement will not suffer from unsightly moisture and mold damage.

By having our skilled team perform your underpinning basement project, you can be assured you won’t need to bother with complicated zoning procedures that an addition to a house would require. Underpinning provides you with more room for less hassle, making it a win-win on all fronts.

Formwork Toronto

choosing the wrong company to craft the foundation for your building is the surest way to have structural trouble down the line. A faulty foundation causes faults in the building itself, no matter how well the construction of the structure is done. A solid foundation is the basis for all good work. When you choose a construction company to oversee and complete your excavation and formwork process, choose a team with credentials that shine and a lengthy record of experience in the field. Over the past five years, our company has excelled in the field time and time again, finding unique solutions to the toughest projects. Work with us, and you can be sure that the foundation of your new project will be strong.

Everything in life must start with a solid foundation, so the saying goes… but that saying was based off of the design and construction of buildings, where that saying could be no more apt. Every building must have the most solid foundation that can be mustered, and must be designed by skilled, experienced professionals – that’s where we come in. Our team at Zetta Construction is dedicated to providing you with the foundation you need to have a successful construction experience, and ensure that your structure is solid and sturdy for years to come.

Zetta offers high quality construction services to both low-rise residential and low-rise commercial sites throughout Ontario. Zetta Construction was born in 2011 with a commitment of giving its clients superb customer service while delivering the highest quality work in the industry.

Zetta began operating out of a basement and offering only demolition services, today Zetta has four divisions including demolition & excavationunderpinning & formwork, shoring & Helical Piles and Disposal & Waste Management. We are backed with state of the art equipment, highly trained workforce and latest technology softwares.

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